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Here you can find the tools for building and modify terminals. The Clear tool destroys objects and Walls and leaves foundation and floor. Demolish tool razes everything to clear grass terrain. When a new foundation is built next to an existing one, a double layer wall will be built as well. The Clear tool must be used to clear walls and to preserve the floors. Other tools are Fence-builder, Foundations, Floors, Sidewalk, Taxiway, Roads and Walls.



In this section, not all the in-game Objects are listed. Here you can buy and place objects in your airport. Some of them can be placed inside your terminal only, and other outdoor. To rotate objects use the Hokey "R". Other Objects are available by Updating Runway and Hangars. Some Objects interacts with other (i.e. Gate Agent Desk can be assigned to a specific Airplane Gate, Stand or queue).



From here you can hire new Staff Members to increase the strength of your team. Some of them require an office, others are totally independent and others will be automatically assigned to their workplace if there is one available.



Zones are playing a fundamental role in your airport. They are the key to organising the areas of the terminal and not only! To assign a room to a specific purpose, select the appropriate zone identification, point and drag the zone selection to all the area you want to cover.



This section includes the tool to set-up the Baggage System which allows you to automatize the Handling operations.



Queues is a quite important tool to keep terminal in order. A queue can be drawn in any direction or length. It must be assigned to an Agent Gate Desk, Ticketing Desk, ID Check Desk or Cash register. More information on can be found by clicking here.



The reports show the Secure Area, Enviroment Heatmap and Info Heatmap.

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