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Thank you JamessPics and socerman for the collab

We are currently taking on steps to prevent the many pages and spam created by bots on this wiki. At this time if you would like to create a new page you can contact Lewis or Socerman on discord at and they will get it set up for you. We are sorry for this inconvenience and are working as best we can to fix this as fast as possible. Please do not click any links to go to any other websites as their content may not coincide with what we provide.


The SimAirport-Wiki is a project to build a free SimAirport-encyclopedia where everyone can and should contribute with their knowlegde and commitment. Good authors are always welcome!

This wiki is based in the game SimAirport


New users of the wiki are recommended! Help. There, among other questions such as "How do I create a new article?" Answered

For new players, the entry into the game world is easier. More detailed information on each aspect can be found in FAQ.

News & Updates

Patch Notes [13.03.2017]

Patch notes:

  • Dismantling taxiway/roads (or canceling construction of such) will no longer provide refund, only materials
  • Fixed bug after loading game pending construction objects/roads should remain half opacity. Also fix the road/taxiway sprites.
  • Fixed an issue with Janitors sometimes getting stuck after save/load
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